We are excited to announce ramp redesign plans that will increase accessibility to the library for people of all ages and abilities. Angus Young & Associates  has drafted a ramp design that will have a grade of 5% or less. The new ramp will be a great replacement for the current aging and crumbling ramp that currently runs along the south side of the building. The plan also entails landscaping and land improvements for the library that will be more visible to people approaching the library from the south. The proposal is expected to cost approximately $75,000. The library has funds to cover the cost of this construction. The renovations are expected to begin in September 2019 and be completed by November 2019. Library staff are prepared to assist patrons as needed during the modification process. The final outcome will be a ramp that will be easier for patrons to utilize, an attractive library entrance that increases visibility of the library, and modernizes the appearance of the library.

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