This program allows youth (ages 14 and younger) to reduce library fines by reading.  This is intended to reduce their outstanding library fines so they can continue to use their library card.  It is also intended to promote reading and library use.

For every 15 minutes of reading in the library, youth can earn $1 in library bucks that can be used to pay down library overdue fines (not missing/lost or damaged fees) or replace a missing card.

During the winter break, December 22-January 6, youth can earn up to $10 in library bucks.


We all return materials late sometimes‚ so why not pay your fines in a fun way… Read Away Fines helps increase your skills and decrease your fines, all at once.  Start the new year with a clean slate.


Check in at the library with your library card.  Then read.  After reading you can get your reading slip approved by library staff and they will take care of the rest.  We’ll keep track for you of your fines and library bucks.

You can only reduce the fines on your own library card with your library bucks.  You can also use your library bucks to get a new library card if it’s ok with your parents and yours is lost.

You can earn up to $10 in library bucks during the winter break.  That’s only 2 ½ hours of reading.  It doesn’t all have to be at one time, in fact, it’s better if you want to read some every day.

What if I’m not reading yet?

We count being read to the same as reading by yourself.  So you can bring someone along to read to you.  If your brother or sister reads to you, you both can collect library bucks for the same time!

Can I read stuff besides books?

You can read anything you want. Library books. Comics. Magazines. Cereal boxes. If you can read it (for at least 15 minutes) we will count it.



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